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Residing here all our lives. I have over 30 Years of experience as a guide. Walleye, Lake Trout, Crappie, Muskie, Perch, Northern Pike and Bass.  World Class fishing on Crow Lake & Lake of the Woods.


August Walleye fishing Walley fishing June 26
GET YOUR FISHING TRIP! Our system is simple. Go were the fish are active. There are three bodies of water that we ultilize thru out times in the fishing season that will provide the optimum fishing experience for our guests.

We will fish for WALLEYE with an average of 60 per day ( slow days 20 great days 150)and throw in the occational northern pike, sauger, perch, muskie or small mouth bass. You will be very pleased with the northern pike action in different section’s of Lake of the Wood’s. Crow lake will yeild unbeatable “ACTION”.

We have guides that do specialize only in the field of MUSKIE. Good NORTHERN PIKE (20 to 100 a day) up in Whitefish Bay. These fish will range from on a average weight of 3# to 12#. Also small and large mouth bass and BIG LAKE TROUT can be had.

2008 Walleye 41 1/2 inch Northern Pike.

SUPER SMALL MOUTH BASS fishing on Crow Lake and throw in some trout fishing and you have an excellent day of fishing. Crow lake is also an excellent muskie lake and a average northern pike will be 58 lb’s with trophies ranging from 15– 25 lb’s .

Some smaller lakes nearby that we can fish are also available upon request. These lakes have walleye, northern pike, perch, small and large mouth bass. We do have a small exclusive lake we can fish. This lake we call “LOST LAKE”. It offer’s your typical fly-in bass and northern pike fishing but also yeild’s large “SLAB CRAPPIE’S” which cannot be found in any inland lakes or fly-in lakes.

3 walley at a time

 Call for more info.   1-807-484-2969

            June muskie                Ottawa Student Exchange    

                                         47" Muskie 2009

Lake Of The Woods bass                          Kelly Houston

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        Northern Pike Fishing                               

Get a head start  on your day of fishing and stay at our beautiful new cabins. The cabins are located on the Aulneau Peninsula, walk outside and your adventure begins. Near Rabbit Island & Miles Bay.

                     July 27, Crow Lake Bass

Opener Fishing On Lake Of The Woods – (03/24/2007)

Lake trout fishing on Crow lake – (03/22/2007)

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