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Gerald Arch – Enter local bass tournaments when I have the time and spend all fall season duck, deer, moose and grouse hunting. I have hunted since I could shoot a gun since wild  game was our primary diet in those days.

Ray Shebagegit  RAY – Life time guide to our area.
Dave Lindsay Dave Linsay– Dave guided for a good 25 years and recently retired from a conservation officer position which ran for 12 years. In this time he has established himself as one of the top bass tournament players in the area.
Don Kelly guide Don Kelly- Ron’s brother. Guided all his life.
Ron Seymour

Brian Tuesday– Brian has spent his entire life hunting & fishing guiding in the area. An accomplished muskie, deer, and walleye guide he has made his living.

Brian has passed on…….his spirit is still on the lake I am sure.

Back at camp Ron Kelly– Ron has lived on Lake of the Woods all his life and has lived off the land just as his forfathers have. Guiding is one of Ron’s veteran trades. In the school months he is an Ojibway teacher and has been for 20 years or more.