John’s 2015 buck

2011 Muzzle Loader Whitetail Hunt



North-West Ontario on the Aulneau Peninsula of Lake Of The Woods. 60 miles north of International Fall’s, Minn. Hunting 12,000 acres of private land’s and miles of uninhabited boreal forest. Most of our hunting is conducted in WMU zones 7A -7B & 9A.

36 miles long and 17 miles wide.

BOW & MUZZLE LOADER hunts only.

Wilderness hunting at it’s most natural. Scouting the rugged terrain which in there lies some of the best potential trophy whitetails in Canada.

The forest habitat consist’s of jackpine and redpine stands, which allow for good visibility for the hunter and are used by the deer for many trail routes and general use area’s.

Oak stands offer a great supply of acorns. Mixed stands of birch, popular,balsam are common.

The swamps, creeks, dried ponds and lakes are surrounded by stands of ash, tamarack and cedar tree’s. The aquatic vegetation offers a high nutrient food for the deer.

Hunting the feeding/bedding areas work well for early season hunts. Bachelor group bucks are at the mineral sites and baits, early season. Pre-rut offers the opportunity to rattle, scent and call.

As the habit’s of the deer change thru-out the pre-fall and fall season our time in the forest will allow us to monitor the whitetail’s progress.

Although the general movements of the deer can be monitored pretty easily, keeping track of the bigger buck’s is always our challenge & goal. There are no man made boundaries and the deer rome at their own conscious.

(4) bait station amongst the bush and several 5-10 year old mineral salt lick site’s are an added tool in the hunt. We primarily will rely on our scouting and knowledge of the territory. The deer will be well established on our food plot’s and have made their heavy wallow at the mineral lick sites.

 We have made trail and venture into the interior were the Boone and Crocket buck has never seen man.

Mike and his Muzzle Loader buck 2009 Wallon

Bull Moose Attacked Dodge Ram

At the south east end of Lake of The woods on the north shore of Stevens Bay is were the old reserve road is located. Local people use this seven mile long dirt road which exits off of HWY.71 to access the old settlement of the community.

dodge ram attacked Several community members sited two small bull moose and one larger while using the road a couple of weeks leading up to the incident.(Sept.2-Sept.16, 2005).

Denis & Joe were riding out with Denises Dodge ram truck. In the centre of the road stood the larger bull moose. They stoped not more than 80 feet from the moose waiting for it to get off the road. Instead the moose turned and ran directly down the road away from the guys and out of sight. The guys decided to continue their run out to the HWY. moose attacknot more than 300 yards and there once again stood the bull moose in the middle of the road. This time the bulls head was down and he was charging. Denis reversed his truck with no luck as the antlers of the moose crashed into the grill of the truck. The bull pushed and twisted into the front of the vehicle with its antlers so Denis geared to forward and attempted to push the moose back with no progrss. He then engaged the four wheel drive and began to push the moose, which in turn buckled the bulls momentum and it fell to the ground infront of the truck. The moose jumped up and ran into the bush.

bull in the boxThe guys collected themselves as best as they could considering what just took place and started to move on. To their disbelief out from the bush the bull charged once more ramming into the side of the truck pushing and prodding the length of the vehicle with its antlers till it ended near the rear of the truck. In defence, Denis put it in reverse knocking down the moose and then rolled the dodges rear end on top of the bull. Thinking that this was the end of the ordeal he rolled the truck back off the moose. Shocked once more the moose got up and continued his bullying of the trucks rear end. At one point during the attack the moose had his front legs and hooves in the box of the truck. The bull backed out from the box of the truck. Taking this opportunity Denis reversed the vehicle once more and pinned the bull moose under the truck. The guys took a aluminum soft ball bat and struck the bull 27 times in the head while it was pinned under truck effectively killing the moose. The moose meat was given to the community.

Malllards Oct.31,2006

Deer Hunting Not Duck Hunting

Last fall while conducting my continuos scouting, “for a two week period in November there were ducks galore.” While the guys were set up in their deer stands for the day I came upon flock after flock of migrating waterfowl. These flocks consisted of birds well into the thousands. I took many pictures of these birds. Some are in the photo gallery. A couple of the deer hunters wanted to see this awesome migration so I showed them. Because one or more of the deer hunters will usually always tag out early in the hunt, shotguns are on the list for their deer hunt in 2007.
Whitetail deer hunting Duck hunts on Lake of the Wood's 2007

Whitetailed Bucks Tommy was a pleasure to hunt with and I admired his undivided persistance in hunting one specific stand thru-out his one week hunt. A member of Ken’s hunting group from Vermont who hunted with us this past November 2007. The tree stand was set in place 2 weeks before Tom’s arrival.Tommy standed this spot thru out his hunt and seen a decent shooter buck twice but could’nt get a good shot? He veiwed a couple to as much as 12 deer in this stand each day. Tommy explained that he sat this stand for the whole week not because of the amount of deer he was seeing or the so called “shooter buck” inparticular but that he had seen an enormus bodied monster deer. He saw this deer twice on a far ridge just out of muzzle loader range. Tom never did get the deer in muzzle loader range. My wife and I went to clean the cabin between hunting groups and we seen Tommies buck chasing a doe not more than a few hundred yards from my cabin. This buck pushed 200 class typical.

‘A Monster Buck’ Easily 350 # plus. 12 point, 5 tines on each beam, 2 brow tines, 14 inch G2’s I got a good 4 minute veiw of this buck. Ontario record material for sure. Two days later I placed Mike in the stand that Tommy had sat the week before. On the second morning of his hunt Mike seen the big buck at 70 yards with a wide open shot. His muzzle loader mis-fired. He got a second chance at 90 yards and had another miss-fire. Mike would not answer my radio calls to him. I found Mike’s tracks all over the place and the last track wondered off into the big bush. Mike attempted to follow this buck which he did not actually hit. I went back to the boat and located Mike close to 2 miles away on an inland lake. He was sweating heavily and had left his back pack back at his stand. ‘Buck Fever’, he was constantly rambling on about the buck that he had missed and I had to council him thru-out the rest of the day. The other guys in the group told me that Mike vomited through out the night.

Mike did harvest a fine whitetailed buck later in the week.

2007 Buck Jess Meyer, 2010 Black BearThe only consellation is that this “trophy is still out there”.

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