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Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting
Successful hunt 2011
Kenny and his 2007 trophy from Lake Of The Wood's
2010 muzzle loader success
15 point, October 2005 buck
Hunting in our area is exceptional. From the first northern flights of waterfowl to the height of the whitetail rut, it is a hunt of a life time.
DUCK HUNTING within our lakes and ponds will deliver a great action hunt to the avid duck hunter. Cooling down your barrel and letting a few flocks pass can be the norm. We have a good number of mallard, teal, local wood ducks but it is the habitat (wild rice bays) that allows for several waves of northern flights through out the fall months to stop in our area to feed. Our area is noted for its exceptional abundance of diver ducks which include ring neck,blue bills,red head and golden eye. At the best times these diver ducks maybe found in flocks of thousands.The two larger boats will be used to shuttle our guests to the hunting areas than transported in the smaller bays with a 14’ camouflage boat. We provide decoys, and canoes if needed. Blinds are made from the immediate terrain, and we can assist in duck calling. Check out our rates page, you will find them to be comparibly economical.DEER HUNTING is excellent in our area and our guide service will hunt large parts of the lake as well as inland. We have exclusive hunting access to certain land masses that we are able to conduct guided trophy white-tailed deer, wolf and bear hunts. (Over 12,000 Square acres of our Private land) Sections of the Aulneau Peninsula (WMU 7A)which are bow and muzzle loader hunts only, are part of these lands. As well sections of hunting zones WMU 7B-9A (rifle hunts) are exclusive to our guide service. This means no other hunters in the local Nestor Falls / Sioux Narrows /Morson / Lake of the Wood’s area will hunt our area’s. Hunt with us and you will not bump into other hunter’s. The area will be crawling with orange vested deer hunter’s this fall. Our area has become renouned for it’s Boone & Crocket Trophy Buck potential. We are happy to have a large population of deer and a 130 to 160 class buck can be quite common. Every year we will take 2 or 4 deer ranging from 250# up to 330# (big bodied). Still hunting or standing is a common hunting method. Also guided pushing could be incorporated on that warm day when the deer don’t move. We can accommodate up to (6) hunters per group. For inland hunts, hunting areas are usually accessible by truck. We do have (2) ATV’s available upon request.
Taking Bookings For 2011
2007 muzzle loader hunt A couple of good buck's
2008 Bear Hunt 2007 Fall White-tail Hunt


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  Canada Welcomes You  2007 North Western Ontario Buck

Trophy Buck  from Ontario

Tanya Attatise     Timber WolfWOLF HUNT  The population has always been stable for the wolf in our area. This past fall while deer and moose hunting I have determined along with information directly from the Ministry of Natural Resources personal that there has been a large increase in the timber wolf population. Guiding for 30 years in the area we will determine were the wolf baiting stands are by undertaking consistant scouting. Several prominent packs locally.


You must bring a hunting license in your name from your home state in order to purchase an Ontario hunting license.  The license should be an old one that you no longer require, as you will need to surrender it to the issuer here.  It must be an original license (no photocopies).  Required for timber wolf license.

John Bushey

We will ultilize our exclusive private hunting areas for our hunts. Check the rates link page for costs.

Shane's Ont. Timber Wolf


Oct.13 duck Hunt       Goose Hunting

Successful Hunts

Brian, Guided Trophy Buck 2005

All hunts are pre-scouted. We like to leave the option of fishing combination deer, duck, bear and grouse hunting at the guest’s determination. Just let us know what will work for you. I would like to add that muskie, crappie, walleye, etc fishing is great at this time of year. OLd buck 2009


High population of bear in the area. We boast over 90% for our hunters success rate. Average size of bear around 200lbs. Not uncommon to see as many as 3-7 bears in a days hunt.

This is a 5-6 day hunt.

Baiting commences 3 weeks in advance of season opener. ( August 15- September 15 ) Trail cam pictures of bears at active baits are provided to the bear hunter prior to hunt. Fishing mid-day welcome!

Bear Hunt with Bow 2010 Black Bear Hunt 2008 Bear Hunt
Licensed baited bear stands are available with approximately 10 tags. Season Aug. 15 to Sept. 21


2008 Bear Hunt                Chris from Nebraska and his black bear 2008 Bear Hunt


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