Whitetail doe crossing the lakeI have fished with guide Gerald Arch over the past few years on Lake of the Woods.  Always successful, last year was a noteworthy example of his talents.  A buddy and I hit the area during a cold front and the fish had shut down.  Fishing was tough and other fishermen we talked to were having a difficult time catching anything.  With 3 of us fishing we were only limited to the amount of bait we had with us.  We caught walleye and crappie and smallies.  We had shore lunch every day.  His easy going manner and up-to-date equipment make it very enjoyable.  Raising a young family himself he’d also be a good guide for any young person.  I’ll be back again this year.”

Les Anderson – Minnetonka, Minnesota

“I had a blast fishing with Gerald. I had long awaited a fishing trip to Canada, and it was every-bit as good as I imagined it could be. There were times that all three of us were reeling in fish at the same time. The other people staying at the lodge were amazed to know that we were catching fish all day, as they were barely catching any. Gerald was very knowledgeable of the area and baits needed and the boat was very easy to maneuver around in.”     Kelly Houston – ST. Joseph, MO



“Gerald, I just wanted to thank you for the memorable hunt that you provided for me and my son. My son was very excited to get his trophy buck, he is still showing off the antlers. It’s one of the biggest buck we have taken (8pts 19 1/2 in. spread and 220lbs). Though I didn’t get my buck, I did have my chances, It was more rewarding to see my son take a trophy deer it is something we will never forget. We are looking forward to hunting again with you in the Fall of 2007.”        Thanks, Lance Sr and Lance Denny Jr. (Sonny)

“My name is Josh Bushey.  I am from Burlington Vermont,  and I travel to Canada each year to hunt whitetailed deer.  This year, Gerald Arch guided me to my best Buck ever.  I hunted Lake of the Woods, it was the best deer hunting I’ve ever experienced.  The scenery was awsome and peaceful.  The best atmosphere to have a great hunt!  My deer was 225 pounds, an 8 pointer.  I would definitely tell all whitetail hunters to get to this guided hunt!”
Very Truly, Josh


“Three of us hunted and stayed with Gerald this last year (2007). I have been hunting whitetails for over 30 years and I can say his knowledge of the sport is second to none. He worked extremely hard to give us every opportunity to be successful. In addition Gerald is very personable and entertaining. Although I did not get a deer, I had my chances at shooting and I was never placed in an area that I didn’t think had deer. All of us were very happy with the lodging provided and I would not hesitate to recommended Gerald to anyone looking to hunt in this area.”Bob Hable Prairie du Chien, WI
Here are the deer Bob’s group did get.
Fall fishing 2007    Mike big buck 2007   Steve is a pleased guest  Tagged out

A long time deer hunter who has hunted for only trophy buck all of my life. Hunted with Gerald the past couple of years, with our group having  great success. Our group has taken several buck and we enjoy the freedom of hunting were “we are the only hunters”. Hunting in natural wilderness has allowed us to experience a “classic hunt” No fences, baiting, dog’s, etc. The potential for trophy buck is always here.
This past fall I harvested a 169 5/8 Net class buck. My personal best. Excellent scouting practices and sound decision making has made a successful hunt for our group. Quality accommodations. Would recommend Gerald to all advid whitetailed deer hunters planning a trip for trophy buck in Canada.
Kenneth Bushey

Have hunted the past 9 years in Ontario with 4 different outfitters. Gerald’s service rating is very high amongst them. The accommodations were great! Gerald knows the area very well and works very affectively in putting you on a trophy buck. I seen several buck through out my hunt and shot a 9 point. Not my biggest to date but most respectable. Gerald is very knowledgeable and I would recommend this hunt to all hunters who love to hunt Whitetails. Thank’s, Gerald. 
John Hutchinson

HI Gerald,  I had a great time hunting with you last week,  You did an awesome job and worked very hard for our group. You have some amazing deer in your area. That was by far the best hunting trip I have ever been on. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your guide service! Don Martin 802-899-//// Underhill Vermont

Hunter Testimony November 2009
Mike Lacharite
Gerald dropped me off at the hunting spot on the first morning of a 6 day hunt, he informed me there was a “nice palmate buck” and others in the area.  I sat the pre-set tree stand for awhile. I worked my way over to the end of dried up beaver pond which Gerald had pointed out to me earlier and situated myself inside the woods with a full view of the swamp.  In a few minutes of sitting, a nice 8 pointer worked his way towards me between the edge of the woods and swamp.  I couldn’t pass this buck up, I took it with my 50 caliber muzzleloader.  It was a 9 point with a drop tine on one side.  220 lbs.   It was not the large palmate buck, but I was happy with this deer.  My hunting was done  in two hours, now I had to wait until my hunting buddies allowed me to party hunt later in the week.
I got the “okay” from my hunting buddies to take my gun out on day four of our hunt.  It was raining hard this morning, our guide Gerald was going to place in me in an area where he scouted a huge trophy buck.  I decided to take my portable blind and chair due to the heavy rain.  When I was dropped off at the hunting spot the rain had stopped.  I left my portable blind on shore but decided to bring my chair with me to watch over a dry beaver dam area.  As I was walking through the spruce woods, I stopped to admire a fresh buck rub on a 9 inch diameter tree; “wow” I said to myself, this deer is huge.  Poking out of the leaves next to the rub was a matching set of antlers.  I couldn’t carry them so left them hanging on a tree to bring out later in the day.   I was working my way up through a dense stand of large spruce trees when I heard a loud “cracking” sound, to my left was the largest body buck I have ever seen with a large diameter rack on its head.  I dropped my chair and swung my gun up, but it was too late as I watched this massive trophy slip away from me.  I’m positive the antler drops I found were from this deer a year earlier.  Now I know what a true Northwest Ontario trophy deer looks like.  I can’t wait to return next year and hunt a “trophy” white tail.   Mike Lacharite Fall 2009

Testimonial ********
This was my first Ontario Whitetail hunt, and could not be happier. Four of us, two from Vermont and two from New Hampshire, made our way across the U.S., crossing at International Falls. Trip was more memorable then I ever would have imagined. Starting once we left the paved road in Nestor Falls, traveling 20 minutes to the dock to continue on to camp by boat.
Gerald and guide, Mick impressed us from the start with their knowledge of the lake. We traveled by boat the remainder of the week, almost entirely in the dark, dropping us off at stands scouted only days before. We all saw deer. Ian (New Hampshire) missed a fine buck across a beaver bog.
Myself and Matt Trombley of Foothills Outdoor Expeditions, Florence, VT hunted the Aulneau Peninsula (muzzle loader only zone). Matt had a nice buck show itself at 200+ yards, but was not comfortable at that distance w/ a muzzle loader. Matt also passed on 2 smaller bucks (Ontario standard), that would have been in the freezer here in VT, holding out for that monster we traveled all that distance to come home with.
I was able to end my hunt on the second morning with a 250+ lb 12 point, 19 inch inside spread, that had double brow tines. Gerald and Mick then put me onto some fantastic duck hunting. To round out the week I was able to score on some grouse.
Guided hunts are always a crap shoot. Not so with Gerald and First Nation Guides. They know the area well and do not just drop you off to fend for yourself for the day. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Steve Myers
Montpelier, VT

My Ontario Bear Hunt.

I recently hunted with Gerald from First Nation Guides and all I can say is WOW!! He has a first class operation going on up there. He met me right at the bait shop in town right on time like we had talked and planned for. After about a 15 minute truck ride we arrived at a remote dock where the local sea gulls and pelicans greeted us with a fine synchronized swim by. We loaded the boat and where on our way.  After about a fifteen minute boat ride surrounded by breath taking rock cliffs and shoreline we arrived at the very secluded yet very comfortable cabin. We carried our stuff up to the cabin on the rock overlooking the very scenic Lake of the Woods. The cabin had a propane stove, water heater along with a generator for the electrical appliances. There was a T.V with a satellite hooked up and a dvd player for those rainy days stuck in the cabin. The bathroom was totally functional and comfortable, so comfortable that my wife was very happy with the facilities. The cabin sleeps 7 seven with each person having their own bed.

The Hunt

The first two days of the hunt mother nature decided not to cooperate. The first night brought lots of wind and then about 2 ½  hrs before dark it decided to rain so we had to abandon post and get the camera out of the elements. The second day brought 25 mph winds and rain off and on all day long. We didn’t get to hunt that day. The third morning the winds began to calm and Gerald said he felt better about the situation so we sat that morning. When we got to the bait in the morning it had been hit from the night before. It had clammed down considerably and the bears started to move again. We didn’t catch the bears on the morning hunt so we went in for a break. We headed back around 5 o’clock. We sat for about an hour and a half the longer we sat the more optimal the conditions became. 6:45 rolled around and so did a beautiful white front bear. It had a gorgeous coat and was just the bear I was lookin for. I drew back made sure the camera was rollin and focused and let her rip. I hit 12 ring dead center. The bear went about 40 to 50 yards and piled up. Man was I excited. I had just harvested my first beautiful Ontario bear, a beautiful white front at that. Awesome. The first two days I was a little bit down but Gerald kept telling me if you sit there they will come in there eventually. He was very reassuring.

The guide.

Gerald is a very knowledgeable, patient, honest, caring and respectful person. You can tell the outdoors respect him as well. He had many interesting stories that any outdoor enthusiast would enjoy hearing. He worked very hard to make sure that my wife and I were very comfortable throughout our stay. After I had harvested the bear he had no problem reading the local game trails and finding the bear in the very dense cover of the Ontario woods. He took several pictures of the bear which he does with all the animals he harvests. He is a very excellent guide with whom you will not be disappointed.

Jesse Meyer(218)368-8408
Jess Meyer, 2010 Black Bear

Testimonial:My wife and I enjoyed our stay at First Nation Guides & Lodging just after labor day.  The cabin is in a beautiful, remote location with all the beauty and quiet of nature; yet very modern, clean and comfortable.  My wife caught a 44 inch pike, and numerus others and this fish was by far her biggest ever. Gerald broke his  net getting it in the boat.  Shore lunch was superb, served on a  remote island in the beautiful Lake of the Woods location.We plan to return in the future as the fishing is superb, the service is excellent and the location is close yet remote!Thanks Gerald and Candy for an excellent vacation experience! Joel & Becky Peterson Wabasha, MN
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